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Manifesto of ERBEFOLE









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Confidence about ERBEFOLE

     ERBEFOLE was born six years before being named. ERBEFOLE wasn't able to christen itself, uncertain about its existence, doubtful about its contents. The idea was there before the name. From fruitful hesitations to intellectual and friendly wondering...stands the hindsight of our common or mutual genesis.
If ERBEFOLE is composed by some letters of our names, it isn't an hybrid : meetings between the souls who gave birth to ERBEFOLE are essentially an alliance.
A union of creators looking for their way, gathering their meditations and finally working together.
ERBEFOLE couldn't sum up amont to one face.
ERBEFOLE joins several minds, an artistic and therefore coherent prism.
A diversity among unity. Working thoughts building one. Cohesion able to pluralism. Experiments spending stones from various arts and reconstructing them in the heart of
omnia opera.
ERBEFOLE is fed by our reciprocal gratitude, our various and yet brotherly works.